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Ride-on Lawn Roller, 500 – 1100 LB

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- This tool is used to level larger lawn surfaces.
- Used after laying sod.
- Do not attempt to roll steep grades.
- Avoid using in the vicinity of children & pets.
- Allow the engine to cool before refueling.
- The use of gloves, hearing & foot protection is recommended.
- Keep your feet on the foot rests while in operation at all times.
- 3 hp gas powered engine.
- Front & rear rollers can be filled with water for additional weight.
- Dry weight, 500 lbs.
- Weight when drums are filled, 1100 lbs.
- Forward & reverse transmission.
- Ensure that the unit is on level ground & the transmission lever is in neutral.
- Turn the gas valve to the on position.
- Slide the choke to the closed (on) position.
- Slide throttle control lever to the 3/4 position.
- Pull the recoil until the engine turns over.
- Slide the choke to the open (off) position.
- Pull the recoil again until the engine starts and allow it to warm up for a few minutes.
- Adjust the throttle to the desired position and using the transmission lever select the direction desired.
- Pull the lever back for reverse & push the lever forward for forward.
- For full operating instructions, please refer to the operators manual.
Tool won't start
- Ensure that the gas valve is in the on position.
- If the tool is flooded, pull the recoil several times with the choke off & the throttle in the full position until the engine starts.
- Make sure the tool has fuel & check the oil level.