65th Anniversary

Stephenson’s Rental Services is excited to announce that 2019 marks our 65th anniversary of serving Canadians with their tool and equipment rental needs. While we want to properly celebrate this milestone, we don’t want to GET presents…we do want to GIVE presents. We have so much to celebrate and have encouraged our employees to participate in our “65 Acts of Kindness” initiative as they are the heart of our 65-year-old Canadian success story. Enjoy reading about our employee’s Acts of Kindness and how they are giving back to their local communities. We challenge you to complete an Act of Kindness and send us an email with your contribution, you can remain anonymous if you prefer, just let us know. Please email us at 65Years@Stephensons.ca with your Act of Kindness.

Act of Kindness #12:

The event was called “Neighbours Breaking Bread for the Food Bank” and Stephenson’s Team Member Crystal Hennigan and her husband hosted a group of neighbours and asked them to not bring a hostess gift, not bring a bottle of wine, and not bring any appetizers or dessert, instead the invitation requested payment for dinner! The Hennigans put together a simple dinner menu with a signature drink called Santa’s Little Helper and the neighbours brought self addressed envelopes with donations for their local food bank, who will send individual tax receipts and a thank you note to each guest. The total amount collected was not tallied because it was confidential individual family donations but the neighbours know this cash donation will help their local food bank buy fresh meat, fruit, dairy products and eggs over the Holiday Season.

Food Banks Canada reminds us that more and more, food banks are confronted with the question of how public should donate – food or funds – and while food banks are all different, fellow Canadians should consider both. Gather friends for an event that gathers cash or see what local food banks near you need during the holiday season by visiting https://www.foodbankscanada.ca/Blog/November-2019/Donate-These-Items-at-a-Holiday-Food-Drive-Near-Yo.aspx


Act of Kindness #11:

How fitting that coincidently our 11th Act of Kindness is in support of Remembrance Day. Stephenson’s Rental Services HR Team posts a Company wide memo every year acknowledging this special day and encouraging team members to pause for a moment of silence, while not impacting safety or customer service, to honor veterans and families of veterans that work with us, and that live in our communities and our memories. Team OFG/ProDesk took their support further this year by decorating their Christmas Tree as a Poppy Tree and taking donations for anyone who wanted to place a poppy on their Poppy Tree. Team OFG/ProDesk collected a total of $xx to the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command Poppy Trust Fund https://www.legion.ca/remembrance/the-poppy-campaign/funding-for-organizations Drop by the next time you are in OSC to see their Christmas tree and talk to the team.


Act of Kindness #10:

On Saturday September 28th 10 Stephenson’s Team Members played in the Scotiabank Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer Tournament in Support of Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, missing from this RHCC Team picture are Ryan Hasbury, Maria Liotta and Owen Mason who were heavily involved in fundraising and event coordination. Despite the rainy conditions, the team represented Stephenson’s very well and added to our 65 Acts of Kindness. While the tournament was a good time, the main event is the fundraising the team accomplished. Through a 50/50 raffle, personal sponsorships & donations and a Toronto Maple Leaf ticket raffle many people contributed, even if they didn’t play in the tournament, and together Stephenson’s raised $10,000 in support of the Scotiabank Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event. In the past 4 years Stephenson’s has raised over $40,000 in support of this event to help Conquer Cancer.


Act of Kindness #9:

The Facebook post said “HELP!!! I found these two dying on the sidewalk and all the others were already dead. What do I do????” Karim Nensi’s wife, Munira, took to Facebook to figure out if she could do anything to help. After more social media interactions and numerous phone calls to many different organizations Karim’s wife and daughter hatched a plan to save these newborn birds. The plan would only work if they could keep the birds alive overnight, change work schedules and drive north to deliver these delicate newborns to the Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge. The Nensi family kept the birds alive, Karim started driving up North at 4:30am with Munira and the baby birds on board, and a few hours later the rescue received new residents. So if you ever find a baby sparrow and need advice ask the Nensi's!

The family team work was exceptional and the Shades of Hope expertise make this another great example of our team members making Canada better one Act of Kindness at a time. Thank you Nensi’s and Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge www.shadesofhope.ca


Act of Kindness #8:

Our Training & Sales Support Specialist, Sandra Gjorseski, combined her summer getaway with an amazing Act of Kindness to help shelter animals in Cuba. She left on her vacation with 50 lbs of animal medical supplies and food and returned with a beautiful kitty who was found living on the streets and is now settled into her forever home in Mississauga. Sandra said, “The entire experience has been one of the best moments in my life”. Well done, Sandra!


Act of Kindness #7:

Dave Abiuso, our Territory Sales Consultant based in London, volunteers a minimum of 10 hours a month as a Citizen on Patrol with the St. Thomas Police Services. This volunteer group is dedicated to assisting the police service with observing and reporting as well as attending sanctioned events. David attended a event in honour of Police Services Dog, Axle, who was celebrating his 3rd birthday where everyone was encouraged to bring donations to local Animal Shelters and Animal Rescues. As he is an animal lover himself, David was extremely proud to be a part of the event and donated not only his time but dog food and cleaning supplies. Thanks to David for supporting his local community of St. Thomas and to offering assistance to the animals in need.


Act of Kindness #6:

Nancy Henry is a new member of Team Stephenson’s recently joining as the Marketing Manager at the Operations Support Centre in Mississauga. She’s a true dog lover who spent her Sunday morning participating in the Dog Guides walk supporting Canadians with medical or physical disabilities by providing them a Dog Guide at no cost. Thanks to Nancy and her dog, Cash, for supporting this groups that provides and trains these amazing animals.

Nancy Henry
Nancy Henry
Nancy Henry

Act of Kindness #5:

Adam White, Branch Manager at our Mississauga location, really went out of his way to help in a friend in need. His long-time friend is recovering from brain surgery and is struggling to make ends meet so Adam and his family purchased groceries and donated to his go-fund-me campaign as well. Thanks to the White Family for helping and hoping for a speedy recovery for his friend.

Adam White

Act of Kindness #4:

Dave O’Meara is a long-time employee of Stephenson’s currently working as a Territory Sales Consultant in Brampton. His mom passed 10 years ago, and he honours his mom’s passing every year by participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk to raise funds and awareness in his mom’s memory. He walked side-by-side with 17 members of his family this year including Peter DiSalvo, part of our Heating Team, and Matthew Allen from our Hamilton store. Thanks to Dave and his family for helping take one step closer to a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

Act of Kindness #3:

Taylor Lovegrove from Store #815 went above and beyond to help people in need. Ed O’Reilly walked into our East Gwillimbury location to see if he could use the phone to call for help as his truck broke down in the parking lot. After attempting to contact a number of tow trucks to tow his truck and large load of lumber home in Barrie without any luck, Taylor offered to take Ed and his wife home as he also lived in Barrie. Ed posted his experience on Google giving Taylor a huge thumbs up for helping out when no one else would. Nice job, Taylor.

Act of Kindness #2:

Adelina Prosperi, Controller for Stephenson’s, participated in a charity walk in support of Cystic Fibrosis. The money raised from the 15th annual walk funds research projects with the greatest potential to advance our understanding and treatment of cystic fibrosis and improve the quality of life for patients living with the condition. High five to Adelina for her Act of Kindness!


Act of Kindness #1:

Andrew Fraser, Territory Sales Consultant based in Ottawa, took his personal weekend time to help fill and stack sand bags to prevent further damage from the rising waters in his community. Thanks for helping out, Andrew!