Heating Solutions

Since 1999 we have been the only rental company with a year-round dedicated heating division and a proven track record! Our expert staff understand construction heating. As your partners we will take a consultative approach to ensure we address all of your heating needs throughout every stage of your project. Our goal is to provide you Heating Solutions that not only meet your budget, but are designed to minimize your heating and fuel costs. To achieve that end, we promise to provide you solutions that are safe, efficient, cost-effective and supported.

At Stephenson’s we are committed to safety and take pride in setting our standards higher than the rest.

We only provide equipment that is in optimal working condition to ensure your projects, and more importantly your staff, are never put in jeopardy.

At our state of the art testing facility, our licensed technicians follow strict service procedures that exceed manufacturer, code and industry standards.

Plus, we offer ROT natural gas and propane safety training across Southern Ontario. ROT training classes start September and run through early March.

We stock heaters, over 4 billion BTU’s, and supply every type of heater required for all stages of your project.

Some of our specialties include indirect, hydronic, electric, radiant, convection, boilers, oil fired and a breadth of heating accessories that get the job done.

If we can supply you a more effective heater, advice or features that can save you time or money on your project, our expert sales team will recommend those options first.

Our goal as your partner is to provide solutions that not only meet your budget, but are designed to minimize your heating and fuel costs.

We have a passion for innovation and efficiency, and are proud to offer the widest range of higher-efficiency, best-in-class heaters. We also bring an understanding of the technology that enables us to demonstrate the cost-savings to you.

We are the exclusive supplier of the HeatPro, the most fuel efficient radiant construction heater in its class. A product made in Canada, designed for Canadian winters.

If you prefer to rent lower efficiency heaters, we can supply those solutions as well. What sets us apart is we will suggest the higher efficiency models and lowest cost fuel, because we want to maximize your total cost savings!

Check out some of the helpful resources below to learn how.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the construction heating industry, we have over 100,000 heating projects under our belt and counting.

Having full-time year-round staff dedicated to our heating division enables us to provide you a service model and level of expertise that can help you save money.

Time is money, so we understand equipment downtime cannot get in the way of your deadlines. In striving to maximize the reliability of our heaters and minimize site disruptions, we only hire the best trained, highly skilled technicians to maintain our fleet. Our staff our continually trained and mentored to expand their heat skills.

Not to mention, when issues do arise our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Resources To Help Maximize Your Cost Savings

We are here to help you identify what your options are and help you understand how your heater and fuel choices can affect your total heating, fuel consumption and labour costs. The most important question you want to ask yourself is how much money do I want to save this season on heating?

Call 1-866-946-4646 to speak to a Stephenson’s associate from your nearest store. They are happy to listen to and address your everyday heating needs, or depending on the scale of your project, put you directly in touch with a Heating Solutions consultant.